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Welcome To the Arlington Fairfax Chapter of the Izaak Walton League

Our Chapter has a lot to offer. We have:.

  • An Olympic Archery range
  • A shotgun range with 4 fields (1 trap only and 3 skeet or trap)
  • An indoor 26 position indoor air gun range
  • A 17-point outdoor rifle and pistol range with target placements at 25, 50, 75, and 100 yards
  • An indoor archery range
  • Three outdoor field archery ranges (two 14-point walking and one sighting-in ranges that also includes a crossbow sighting station)
  • A catch-and-release pond for fishing and campgrounds
  • Picnic areas with pavilions, a playground, and a playing field

To use the facilities you need to be a member, an escorted guest of a member, or be attending an open special event, such as:

  • Our annual ladies-only “Women on Target” event
  • A monthly bull’s-eye pistol match
  • A monthly air pistol match
  • A seasonal monthly Service Rifle match
  • A monthly Bull Run Muzzle loaders shoot
  • High Power rifle practice
  • Amateur Trapshooting Association or National Skeet Shooting Association ‘registered target’ shoots
  • A junior in one of our Youth Activities programs
  • NOVA Sharpshooters team for international air pistol
  • Junior Olympic Archery Development

Members have use of the range facilities when range safety officers are present for the firearms ranges.  Members may bring a given guest up to three times a year and up to four guests at a time.  Some ranges will have a guest fee.  The member may bring their immediate family members as a guest an unlimited number of times and family members are not charged guest fees.

To become a member you first get a reservation and then attend a Prospective Membership Orientation Class (PMOC), typically held the first Saturday morning of March, starting at 9:00 am (be there by 8:30 am) in the Chapter field house.  The second PMOC is usually the first Thursday evening (starting at 7:30 PM but get there a bit early) of April.  If sufficient openings remain, additional classes would be scheduled using a similar alternating schedule.  This approach was developed as an accommodation to the many prospective members in the area with weekend commitments such as military reserve duty. 

The orientation class lasts about three hours.  We cover the history and goals of the organization and our range rules and procedures, including our safety rules for firearms and archery tackle use. 

Each PMOC is limited to one hundred students to ensure the quality of instruction.  A reservation is required (supplied via email from the Membership Director) to attend a PMOC.  The Arlington Fairfax Chapter is limited to 2200 active memberships, and typically reaches that cap within a few classes each season.  Prospective members who have completed a training class are allowed to join the following year during the January to March timeframe if they were unable to join in their class year due to the membership cap.  An opportunity to join another facility in the general area sooner might be found at on our web site which has a listing of IWLA Chapters nation-wide.  There is no reciprocity between Virginia IWLA Chapters, so joining another Chapter will not get someone privileges for the Arlington Fairfax Chapter.

Membership includes use of the facilities for members of your household when accompanied by you

We also have Family memberships as defined as two adults (18 or older) living in the same household.

Prospective members should bring a check or cash for their initiation fee and first year’s membership dues.

Annual membership period runs from January 1 to December 31.

Dues are pro-rated semi-annually, determined by the month you join.

The chapter has made provisions to preserve the continuity of membership for those who deploy out of the area in the service of our country, such as Departments of Defense and State who must rotate overseas.

After having attended an orientation class and paying your dues and initiation fee we ask all our new members to provide six hours of volunteer labor around the property, usually coordinated through our groundskeeper.  Temporary range badges will be issued to allow you to use chapter facilities after you have been voted in as a member.  When you have completed your six hours, you are eligible to receive your permanent range badge.

Finally, you need to be voted in at a General Membership meeting, typically held at 7:30 pm on the third Tuesday of each month.  Arrangements can be made to vote people into the club in absentia who are unable to attend a Membership meeting.

To contact us and get the most current information, send an email to the Membership Chairman Benn Crandall and the Membership Secretary.

Thank you for your interest in our club.  We will look forward to seeing you at an upcoming prospective New Member Orientation Meeting.